Located in Bosporus view, part of the Lutfi Kırdar International Convention and Exebitihon Center, which
is the most important convention center of Istanbul, Boğaziçi Borsa restaurant can provide service for up to 300 people  with its stylishly decorated indoor area and terrace.
Borsa Restaurant, whose regular customers include businessman, politicians, artists and important names of the social life, has became first preference  of the foreign guest who come to our city and taste and specific Turkish food.
Providing service  foreign state presidents, ministers princes and princesses up to now, Borsa Restaurant is the first nameconmic to mind when Classic and Ottoman Cuisineis  mentioned.
Borsa Restaurant, whose walls are decorated with many  valuable pictures comprising of paintings of famous painters,  can create space a diffrent number of guests which is specific to diffeirent groups in the large indoor restaurant.
Boğaziçi Borsa Restaurant is the member of "Chaine des Rotisseurs" French Gastronomy Union Roasters Chain Association which was  founded in 1950 under the leadership of gastronomy experts and which has been carrying out activity with 85,00 registered members in 126 countries.